Muscle Dudes Beef Party

A muscle dude flexing and a woman watching hungrily

Muscle Dudes Beef Party (2017)

There is a lot wrong with the world these days and my thoughts are often very preoccupied with everything that is horrible. This is extremely tiring, so I recently set out to make some music that would remind me it is ok to be silly and have fun. That is what Muscle Dudes Beef Party was all about for me--a good-natured doodle with synthesizers and guitars ascending to peak silliness just before it ends in a collective food coma.

There are a ton of weird little mistakes and bad bass playing and other things I would like to change, but I think it would somewhat go against the spirit of the whole project to expend that much effort.

I hope this can be an enjoyable two-minute diversion for you too!

PS - The picture used in the Soundcloud thumbnail has nothing to do with muscle dudes or beef or parties, it is actually from a small nature museum in an Estonian national park.