Midnight Sun

A beekeeper in the Slovakian woods

Midnight Sun (2012)

I've been on vacation in Estonia for the last two weeks, which reminded me that this song existed. I wanted to write a song about Midnight Sun based on a childhood memory of being in Alaska on the 4th of July, where it never really got dark enough to set off any fireworks.

When I got my current computer (either in 2011 or 2012), I wanted to put the unheard of 16GB of RAM* to the test, so I set about making an arrangement of this that would use a bajillion tracks, plugins, and synth instruments, and effects.

I went a bit overboard. Or maybe not far enough?


*Editor's note: I actually only had 8 GB of RAM, but it was still a lot. I am still using this laptop and now i actually DO have 16GB of RAM in case you're keeping tabs on me and my RAM situation