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Ben’s SARS – Tove Lo

The following is baed on a true story: in the subway, I read that Leicester City are still at the top of the tables and it threw me off my music review game.


Subway Album Review: Tove Lo – Moments

First, let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this album or this music. Everything is done right, the singing is spot-on, the production is flawless, and the choruses are catchy. That said, I also suffered the entire way through this. It made me yearn for the DEATH METAL of reviews past. This is like an extended audition tape for a spot in the new, more serious Eurovision Song Contest. Just not my kind of music at all. I am too big a bucket of haterade for such perfect and calculated artificiality. To paraphrase Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: This is a great album…for me to poop on!

The more I listen to this, the more it reminds me of Sia’s new stuff (which I keep listening to hoping to discover another “Some People Have Real Problems” with ever-increasing disappointment), but without the unique Sia vocals to push it into the the zone where I can tolerate it. Like I said before, this album is really well made, and it is purely my personal tastes that preclude me from enjoying it.


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  1. Mom Mom

    Sounds like pop radio. Ugh. I couldn’t make it through it.

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