The Captain Goes Down Without His Ship

The Captain Goes Down Without His Ship (2007)

This song was all the rage of my Myspace Top 8 for at least 2 days in 2007.

For some reason, I once had a very vivid dream of a lugubrious sea captain slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, finally fully content with his circumstances. The rest of the lyrics just sort of materialized. Don't search for meaning in them; there is none. Instead, just enjoy this haphazard collection of water puns and phrases I thought sounded ok enough.

I made this recording using Garageband and the built-in inputs on my old computer. That is why it makes you feel like you are inside a tin can while you listen. And also why the drums are stilted MIDI things (I did them by hand with the mouse and am not nearly patient enough to make it better than this!)

2007 was a time when i had even less of a clue about writing and recording music, which doubtless explains the multiple layers of kazoo that weave in and out throughout this song. One of the reasons I like to go full archaeologist on my old recordings is that I find aspects of them I would no longer think to include in my music, but were not necessarily bad. Maybe I can still harness their power... for EVIL.

Listening to this, I wonder if it is possible to exhaust creativity entirely or whether the perceived lack of it in my current life is a byproduct of other factors?