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High Speed Train Album Review – Myrkur

The following is based on a true story: I accidentally nuked this whole blog while attempting to update my WordPress install.


Myrkur – M

I listened to this album on the high speed train directly after Murg, effectively doubling my black metal intake for the year. Overall, I am kind of confused by this album, but maybe not as confused as the Danish woman who is the mastermind behind Myrkur. Part black metal, part renaissance faire, and part Scandinavian folk, this album seems like the kind of thing that might happen when parents make children of differing ages and with vastly dissimilar interests start a band together.

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This is nuts–my mind is blown by the number of people traveling from one end of Germany to the other with tubes of their own wrapping paper poking out of their luggage. Where are they headed that wrapping paper is so rare you have to bring it in from a hundred miles away? Or why didn’t they just wrap presents at home and bring the wrapped presents? Weird!

TL;DR This album not horrible, but it’s components are incongruous in such a way that I can’t get into it. But YMMV.




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