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Me & My Machines

Me & My Machines (2009)

Going back a ways for this one! In 2009, when I had more time for musical endeavors and was more ambitious, I concocted a concept album about a neurotic shut-in who would one day venture outside only to experience some kind of devastation and then return to his cave to create a hate robot (this would much later become our song “Hate Machine”).

After writing several songs for this album, the scope of the project and frustrations with the limitations of my own musical capabilities overwhelmed me, so I never finished it. I did tear apart some of the other songs/concepts for parts and recycled them.

This was intended to be the first song, and I always liked it, but then I also entirely forgot about its existence. It remains one of the longest songs I’ve ever recorded…

Maybe I will revisit this project in the future? Or one of a similar nature?

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