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Ben’s SARS – Malportado Kids

The following is based on a true story: in my music review project, there are a lot of times where I think to myself Self, maybe you just don’t get this.


Malportado Kids – Total Cultura

This band has accomplished what many thought impossible; whether you play this through a $5000 stereo system or the built-in loudspeaker on a Nokia brick phone, it will sound exactly the same. With a blend of Europoppy synth melodies, simple, but catchy drum beats, a woman shouting in Spanish, and a generally upbeat sound, this music sounds exactly like what you expect to hear blasting from the blown-out speakers of a parade float. You can decide if that is a good or bad thing!


While the concert in the video above appears to be in a grandmother’s living room, they are energetic and enthusiastic as if they were playing for thousands, so props to them. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the punk-techno-tejano breakdown about a minute and ten seconds into Bruja Cosmica. In fact, I don’t really dislike this music. But I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I like it, either.

TL;DR Very energetic, enthusiastic, bombastic.

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