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Ben’s SARS – Leon Bridges

The following is based on a true story: before I even started listening to this album, I read that Leon Bridges is from Ft. Worth, Texas and felt pretty sorry for him, even though people from there are often convinced it’s great for reasons I will never be able to understand.


Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Hmm… an analog-recorded soul album by a suit-wearing 26 year-old in the year 2015? Is Leon Bridges a…hipster? No. Anachronism? 100%. This album is not a wistful and nostalgic attempt to recreate the soul music of the past, but the genuine article that exists outside the confines of time, replete with all the crackles, pops, reverb, literal doo-wops, slick arrangements, and–above all else–the raw talent to make it really really good.


If I had to criticize anything about this album, it’s that there’s not really any surprises–you know exactly what’s in store after the first 20 seconds or so. But since that happens to be music that is authentic and joyful, that isn’t a particularly large detriment. Put this album on to unwind, and just let it wash over you like a nice breeze on a spring day.

TL;DR Yep.


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