From the Vaults

The Beeah Music Robot

Sup. Gotta level with you: I have not felt super inspired to continue writing reviews, mostly because I feel immensely unqualified to criticize others' creative efforts when I am myself but a mere scrub.

Therefore, I've decided to start a new series of posts in which I dig up old recordings that didn't make it onto any Benja Men albums and post them here along with a little info about them. Over the years, I have recorded "songs" bordering somewhere on the triple digits.

Some are extremely recent, and some are dug up from days when myspace was the place to be and Tom was everybody's number one friend. Some are short and instrumental, the merest fart of an idea, and some are fully fleshed out oddities that have, for whatever reason, lain festering on my hard drive. So, without further ado...

Rock N RollBot (2010)

To get things started, here's a complete song from the year 2010 about a robot who rocked too hard and sputtered to a stop out in the yard. I have absolutely no recollection of ever writing or recording this, but the lyrics are legitimately cracking me up, particularly "Blue screen of Megadeth".

Headphones are recommended, as it is rather poorly mixed.

Until next time!