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High Speed Train Album Review: MURG

SPECIAL REVIEW: I listened to this album on an InterCity Express (ICE) train but secretly wished I had saved it for a noisy subway.

Murg – Varg & Björn

Murg is not only the name of this Swedish Black Metal band, but also the sound I made as soon as it started. For me, when it comes to metal, there is only a very thin line between enjoyably heavy and god-damn ridiculous. I would personally stick this into the latter category, but I also don’t really “get” black metal most of the time, so take that with a grain of salt.

Instruments are played at incredible speed, the kickdrums are super aggressive, and there is a whole bunch of shouty shouty, and it’s like, totally good because it’s like super dark and you guys totally wouldn’t understand so I’ll just be in my room sticking five-inch nails through pretty much all of my clothes if anybody needs me.

TL;DR I am not the target audience.

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