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Ben’s SARS – Girlpool

The following is based on a true story: sometimes it is hard to verbalize what is in your own mind the most evident.

Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

For all kinds of art, there exist those artists who compose their work using only the bare essentials of the medium. You might call these the mudbrick huts of art. Girlpool is kind of mudbrick hut music: two band members playing relatively simple parts on bass and guitar while singing and melodically shouting in perfect unison and/or harmony. And yet… it totally works!


Over the last couple days, I’ve done a fair amount of pondering about how this band could create music that is so pared down and yet so gripping all at once. Then I realized that if I could figure out how they do it, then I’d be doing it! Rock on, Girlpool!

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