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Subway Album Review #8
Diet Cig

The following is based on a true story: I started reviewing albums on a whim and have no idea what I’m doing! 

#8 Diet Cig – Over Easy

This EP is about ten minutes long and still somehow kinda overstays its welcome. That could also just be me, I get bored kind of easily, especially with this sort of 2-4 chord songwriting. The apathetic caterwauling is often off-key and the lyrics fall…let’s just say…somewhere between not my cup of tea and objectively awful. I usually don’t even pay attention to song lyrics, but the first two lines rhymed “kitchenware” with “underwear” in a such a way as to try and be eccentrically cute, and I kind of hate it.

Then I lose twenty minutes wondering if I would be so hard on this music if the singer were male… Is there some kind of ingrained subconscious misogyny at play in this review? No, I think I just don’t like this kind of music. And also, for reasons may never be clear, thinking critically about other people’s art brings out the absolute worst in me.


I am actually really happy for this band that they made this album and also made Stereogum’s list of best new bands, even though i would regret going to see their free concert at a coffee shop where I would still sign up for their mailing list with my real e-mail address because they ask so nicely and I would continue to receive the invitations to their gigs long after departing this earthly realm. In that lost twenty minutes, the EP has repeated twice, but I’m not sure I noticed.

Credit where credit is due though: for this kind of jangly-guitar twee-punk, there is an impressive tightness to these songs. Whichever two to four chords are repeated ad nauseum are incredibly locked in with the drums, which are mostly pretty simple but also peppered with some pretty dope fills. And in the ten minutes, there are one or two moments where I think, “No, I don’t hate this at all.”

TL;DR – This band sounds like they are old enough to know better.


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