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Ben’s SARS – Outfit

Subway Album Review: Outfit – Slowness

At their best, Outfit is pretty groovy and rocking, filling the aural space with plenty of sound textures and surprisingly dense chords. At their worst, Outfit sound like the kind of inoffensive but acceptable music you might hear in a Starbucks. In other words, they’re at least always pretty ok.

On this album, I got the feeling that there were a lot of half and whole note piano chords over disco drums and a bass carving out its own independent groove somewhere in between. At times, it seems they put a lot of focus on the really pleasant soundscapes they’ve built, which is fine, but probably not ideal for the subway. Especially when a pair of buskers, a scruffy young guy with a guitar and tiny woman, enter the train and belt out one of their own tunes at eardrum bursting volume. I would give it another listen, but I’ve got more albums to review!

TL;DR This is good, pretty relaxing. Maybe you’ll be into it!

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