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Subway Album Review #1
American Wrestlers

The following is based on a true story: one day, I woke up and saw that Stereogum had published a list of the best new bands of 2015 and arbitrarily decided to review the albums in this list myself, listening to them primarily while commuting to and from work.

#1 – American Wrestlers

Opening with a meditative riff over very persistent hi-hat sixteenths, my first impression is that this album is going to be somewhat optimistic despite its melancholy nature. There’s a pleasant warmth to it.

Warmth was still on my mind when, in a desperate and futile bid to escape its own inevitable demise, a ladybug boarded the subway. As it flitted to and fro, batting against the fluorescent bulbs and windows, the waltz on track three felt somehow more significant.

I remind myself to focus on the music, and there’s a song that sounds like a Tom Petty b-side, and I’m pretty into it, and there’s some nice, pleasant songs, but nothing mind-blowing. The acoustic guitar has that nice sound like it was recorded analog and maybe a tiny bit hot. I do like the production of this album, and the general vibe, but the compositions aren’t necessarily mind-blowing. It would probably be a good choice to put on when you want to go out for a brisk walk on a sunny autumn day and think about the choices you’ve made so far and maybe regret a few of them but still look forward to what the future holds. Let’s try it…

Welp, gave it a shot during my lunch break. It was everything I hoped it would be!

TL;DR Pretty nice overall. You don’t really have to pay that much attention to it to enjoy it, and there are a few surprises scattered throughout for those who do.

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